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Precision measurement
          Welcome to INSIZE Co., Ltd.
          Founded in 1995, INSIZE is a dedicated supplier of measuring instruments. To enable us to serve the world-wide market, we are setting up an INSIZE distribution network on a global basis, so that, wherever you are, INSIZE products with service and support are not far away.
          Our key aims are:
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--   Quality products made to international standards with full guarantee.
--   Innovation by continually striving to improve and develop new products.
--   Service and support to ensure you have trouble-free use of INSIZE products.
--   Value is always a key element. Our aim is to give you high-performance products at a good price.
          Our dedication to Quality, Innovation, Service and Value has created a worldwide demand for the INSIZE products.
          INSIZE is positioning itself for today's economic demands and tomorrow's future!